Paper accepted at CRYPTO 2022

July 19, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Recently a paper got accepted for publication at the 42nd Annual International Cryptology Conference - CRYPTO 2022 . More information can be found here and the abstract can be found below.

Martin R. Albrecht, Valerio Cini, Russell W. F. Lai, Giulio Malavolta, Sri AravindaKrishnan Thyagarajan: Lattice-Based SNARKs: Publicly Verifiable, Preprocessing, and Recursively Composable. 42nd Annual International Cryptology Conference - CRYPTO 2022, August 13-18 2022, Santa Barbara, USA.

Abstract: A succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge (SNARK) allows a prover to produce a short proof that certifies the veracity of a certain NP-statement. In the last decade, a large body of work has studied candidate constructions that are secure against quantum attackers. Unfortunately, no known candidate matches the efficiency and desirable features of (pre-quantum) constructions based on bilinear pairings.
In this work, we make progress on this question. We propose the first lattice-based SNARK that simultaneously satisfies many desirable properties: It (i) is tentatively post-quantum secure, (ii) is publicly-verifiable, (iii) has a logarithmic-time verifier and (iv) has a purely algebraic structure making it amenable to efficient recursive composition. Our construction stems from a general technical toolkit that we develop to translate pairing-based schemes to lattice-based ones. At the heart of our SNARK is a new lattice-based vector commitment (VC) scheme supporting openings to constant-degree multivariate polynomial maps, which is a candidate solution for the open problem of constructing VC schemes with openings to beyond linear functions. However, the security of our constructions is based on a new family of lattice-based computational assumptions which naturally generalises the standard Short Integer Solution (SIS) assumption.