Daniel Slamanig


Daniels' main research interests are in the field of cryptography and privacy with a focus on practical public key cryptographic primitives, privacy-preserving cryptography, their foundations and their applications in emerging fields such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Matteo Maffei

Co-PI / TU Wien

Matteos' research interests concentrate on formal methods for the verification of security and privacy properties, with a specific focus on web, mobile, and cryptographic applications, and applied cryptography, in particular privacy-preserving solutions for outsourced storage, analytics, distributed computation, and blockchain.

Christoph Striecks

Postdoc / AIT

Christophs' research focus lies mainly in the field of modern cryptographic building blocks, in particular, in form of identity-based and attribute-based encryption as well as digital signatures. On the application level, he is mainly interested in modern connected systems with an emphasis on enhanced security features (e.g., forward secrecy) and resource-asymmetric devices (e.g., the Internet of Things).


PhD Student / AIT


PhD Student / TU Wien